Photo of crocuses

Spring Nature Diary – Spring Equinox 2020

This week has been one of adaptation and transition, of which I will say more in another post, for now I wish to speak about slowing down, becoming still and taking care of ourselves, during what are unprecedented times for a lot of us. Over on twitter, which can be both an overwhelming source of […]

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Photo of Andy & Rach

Boo & Maddie : My Story

Lins hosts a weekly column on being childfree at her website, Boo & Maddie. Today, I tell my story of being childless. I am nowhere close to saying I am childfree, for that has the connotation of choice, and the one thing about being childless is the choicelessness of it. But I am there saying […]

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Living Room Stories Image

Living Room Stories Update

Living Room Stories was released as a handmade limited edition. Due to the popularity of the first edition, a second edition was released. There are handmade copies of the second edition still available to buy. I think the handmade format suit these stories the best, as such I have removed the kindle edition. Partly because […]

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tearing at thoughts Image

tearing at thoughts Second Edition

The second edition of tearing at thoughts is now available. It’s been over three years since the limited edition sold out and an explanation for this, as well as a piece setting the context for tearing at thoughts is included in the second edition. When tearing at thoughts was published by 79 rat press as […]

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Visible, Visible Cover Image

Visible, Visible

We can’t escape our lives. During my invisible grief it can feel as if I am not living, that I am just stuck and my life is waiting to start again. Partly because the grief can be a knockout punch and partly because I am not honouring my grief or myself. Instead I try to […]

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Photo of tearing at thoughts Artwork

tearing at thoughts

I am very happy to announce that my debut collection, tearing at thoughts, is to be published by 79 rat press as part of their NOTHING TO SAY exhibition. The exhibition excites me and it is a pleasure to be in the good company of the other contributors. 79 rat press describes tearing at thoughts as “Andy Harrod’s […]

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Photo of covers for Living Room Stories

Living Room Stories : Handmade Editions

I have decided to publish a handmade edition of my Living Room Stories. For this release I have produced a piece of art which will be included as a transparent print, doubling up as the cover. The stories will be printed onto individual sheets of card and housed in a seven inch record sleeve. The […]

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Living Room Stories Image - Fire

Living Room Stories : home

He sits on the stairs, sips his beer and scans the room; he looks at each of their friends, their chatter, laughter and movements filter through him. He smiles. He looks to his wife, standing in a flowing summer dress, he pictures her legs. His smile fades. Four lines, inscribed on her flesh, burns his […]

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