Photo of Lancaster Library Gig

Interview : Get it Loud In Libraries

Welcome Stewart to Decoding Static. Stewart is the brains behind Get it Loud in Libraries. Lancaster Library has been holding gigs for the past 5 years and is an excellent venue to see bands. I have been lucky enough to see Polly Scattergood, Bats for Lashes, Esben and the Witch, I Like Trains and Noah […]

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Smoke Fairies image

Review : Smoke Fairies, singles and ep

Back in 2008 I picked up the Smoke Fairies debut single enticed by the deliberate finger picking, the evocative cover, the title Living With Ghosts and their rich voices singing ‘You to me, are only a memory, got a flame still burning where I know it shouldn’t be’. The finger picking is reminiscent of Nick Drake, […]

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Photo of the Lovely Eggs at Lancaster Library

Review : The Lovely Eggs Gig

I couldn’t shake off the smile, laughter the only logical response to The Lovely Eggs music. I have known of The Lovely Eggs for a while, but it wasn’t until I saw them live, supporting Esben and the Witch, that I got what they are all about. The brighter side of life is captured in […]

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Photo of Esben and the Witch at Lancaster Library

Review : Esben and the Witch Gig

I caught the atmospheric Esben and the Witch at the refurbished Lancaster Library the other night, supported by the fun The Lovely Eggs, a gig of two halves crossed my mind yet there was a familiar vein connecting them. The night poured through the large arched windows, the perfect backdrop for Esben and the Witch. […]

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Eels End Times Album Cover

Review : End Times, Eels

‘She put on her party dress, I put on my jacket, we walked out the door’ drawls E on The Beginning, a love song soured by the end. Love is a central theme to E’s music and after the thumping yet romantic call of Hombre Lobo, here is E’s beating heart on the table ready to be […]

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Laura Veirs July Flame Album Cover

Review : July Flame, Laura Veirs

‘Can I call you mine? Can I call you mine?’ (July Flame) On hearing that Laura Veirs was releasing a new album I was immediately excited, her music has been a real find since I discovered Carbon Glacier. July Flame harks back to the stripped down approach of Carbon Glacier and The Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae. Laura’s lyrics and vocals are […]

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Photo of lyrics by Polly Scattergood

Review : Polly Scattergood, Polly Scattergood

Polly Scattergood’s eponymous debut album has been a constant this year. On the surface there is a beautiful voice, tinkling piano, violins and guitars. What appears to be a simple and pleasurable album of ten songs soon entrances you and reveals it bruises to you. In my interview with Polly, she mentions Gregory Crewdson’s photographs, […]

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Image of the words Polly Scattergood

Review : Polly Scattergood Gig

Pennies in our pockets Who is the weather girl with the pretty little pearl or two? The anger released as Polly Scattergood sings must be fun and healing. The openness of Polly’s lyrics is what drew me to her songs, the emotions she emits as she tells her stories moves us into her world and […]

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