Photo of Sea of Bees, Lancaster Library

Review : Sea of Bees Gig

Sea of Bees supported Smoke Fairies at Lancaster Library on Saturday 22 January 2011 and I could compare them to First Aid Kit, with hints of Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen due to the mix of acoustic and electric guitar and soaring voices. However what I really want to say is that Julie’s songs are […]

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NR ONE Records Logo

Interview : NR ONE Records

Welcome Kingsley from NR ONE Records, a record label based in East Anglia. Being from Norwich I have a soft spot for it’s music, as I do now for Lancaster now, I think it is important to support local creativity. NR ONE Records have an eclectic mix of bands and genre’s on their label, a […]

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Baffin Island Cover

Review : Baffin Island

Baffin Island sing and play beautiful indie folk. From the first hard strum of You Invited Me and the inviting tone of Melanie’s voice, ‘you invited me to a party, how I wanted to say no.’, I am caught up in the song, the story, You Invited Me pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. The lyrical story […]

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Sometimes Always Cover

Review : Sometimes Always

Sometimes Always deliver short sharp shocks, that are pleasant, that produce a natural smile, that makes me want to dance. You Can All Hide is one minute and forty-five seconds of fuzzy pop, reminiscent of Pains of Being Pure at Heart, a joyful sound with deeper lyrics ‘you can all, you can all hide’. Old-Fashioned Baby follows in […]

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Insect Guide Cover

Review : Insect Guide

Bats begin proceedings, with a fuzzy Raveonettes and Pains of Being Pure at Heart sound. I like it, it is pop angst. It is proper pop, written out of experience and played with energy. ‘You bat those lashes, but you’ll never be mine’, a sonnet for the broken hearted, a release of rejection. On Heart’s Don’t […]

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Tiny Fireflies Cover

Review : Tiny Fireflies

Tiny Fireflies are purveyors of fine melodic indie pop. On Holding Patterns, Kristine’s soft voice lulls you, as an organ rift etches it self into your tapping foot. The soft drums and keys complete the bedroom scene, awaking from a sweet dream, ‘you look and question’. Don’t question too hard, sometimes it is best just to […]

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Cover Collage by Eardrums Pop

Interview : EardrumsPop

Welcome Knut, Stefan and Tim of EardrumsPop to Decoding Static. EardrumsPop is a music label that produce digital compilations and more recently singles. They are available to download for free, but EardrumsPop are not about giving away music, they want you to hear great music and encourage you to explore the artists on these releases. […]

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Photo of Avi Buffalo, Lancaster Library

Review : Avi Buffalo, Avi Buffalo

A warm summer breeze from the first strummed guitar chords of Truth Sets In, the jaunty beat betrays the lyrical content, ‘witchcraft seems to unload and say that you don’t love me anymore’. What’s In It For? follows, the stand out track, with a chorus for the broken hearted, for the lost, for when summer […]

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