Photo of the anchoress ep

Review : One for Sorrow ep, The Anchoress

One for Sorrow is an ep that is worth the wait. I’ve been aware of Catherine AD for the past 5 years since she released The Bedroom Sessions, which were enchanting, evocative and haunting. On One for Sorrow her soundscape has grown with her recantation as The Anchoress , whilst her lyrics suggest an engagement […]

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Photo of Warpaint, Lancaster Library

Review : Warpaint Gig

Warpaint played at Lancaster Library on Friday 20th May and it was a fun evening. Warpaint’s lyrics and voices, to me, are fragile, they wrap them up with their strong guitar playing and drumming, giving their songs strength. They smiled and chatted to the crowd, their enjoyment was clear, as I hope was the crowds. […]

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Review : Cob Dominos, The Lovely Eggs

Cob Dominos begin with Minibus, a start that surprised me as it a slower and more down beat song than I am use to with the Lovely Eggs, but I like it, this element of surprise is The Lovely Eggs. Minibus sounds like a broken love song, ‘it’s no fun when you leave town … we fall down, we […]

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The Big I am Cover

Review : Collecting Skies, The Big I am

Collecting Skies by The Big I am deals in cinema-scrapes, an open sound that create atmospheric pictures, imagine them projected in black and white onto a screen under the night sky on a warm summer evening. This is achieved through both the rhythmic and orchestral music and honest, open and at times abstract lyrics. Hole begins the album, […]

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Smoke Fairies, Lancaster Library

Review : Smoke Fairies Gig

Smoke Fairies played at Lancaster Library on Saturday 22nd January 2011, ably supported by Sea of Bees and played the best gig I have seen at Lancaster Library. Smoke Fairies began with Summer Fades, a perfect start to the album and the ideal start to a gig. Jess and Kaf appeared very happy to be playing to a […]

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