Living Room Stories Image - Fire

Living Room Stories : home

He sits on the stairs, sips his beer and scans the room; he looks at each of their friends, their chatter, laughter and movements filter through him. He smiles. He looks to his wife, standing in a flowing summer dress, he pictures her legs. His smile fades. Four lines, inscribed on her flesh, burns his […]

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Living Room Stories Image - Holding hands

Living Room Stories : together

Waiting, he sways as he listens to the music fade out. An expectant, exciting silence warms the air. Sweat covers his hands, nerves threaten, he rubs them together. Staring at the marble floor he breaths deeply and remembers the joy of her yes. The chairs scrape as they are asked to stand. He turns and […]

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Living Room Stories Image - Door Frame

Living Room Stories : month eight

A small round circle reflects back at her. The mirror is covered in lipstick. Venomous words now smeared over silver glass. A second circle appears. She drops her smoke. She crushes it with her left foot; a black smudge etches itself onto her foot and stains the carpet. She topples backwards onto her naked bottom, […]

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Living Room Stories Image - Chandelier

Living Room Stories : yesterday’s call

He traces her movement. His bare feet shuffle across the wooden floor. Dust drifts around him. Looking to the round tables, the cushioning on the chairs ripped and decaying, he pictures her sat under the shine of a heavy chandelier. Her face crumpled in her hands, a dead cigarette between her fingers, ash scattered over […]

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Living Room Stories Image - Snow

Living Room Stories : light

A green balloon floats into the air; the child watches it against the winter blue sky. His sister calls him to chase her and starts to run up the hill. Their wellies imprint their dance in the snow. Their mother smiles at their playfulness and how simple life can be. Her red gloved hands cup […]

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Beginnings Blog Image - Streetlight at night

Living Room Stories : beginnings

Under the yellow glow of a street lamp she stands, waiting. She welcomes the gentle darkness against her skin. Pulling out a smoke, she lights it and takes a long drag. She peers down the hill towards the city, the lights cut across her sight, imprinting their distorted desires on her. Turning her focus onto […]

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Photo of Living Room Stories Artwork

Living Room Stories

Inspired by Ólafur Arnalds’ Living Room Songs I am going to write a story a day for seven days. My stories will be based on the emotions and imaginings Ólafur’s songs and videos bring forth in me. I will post each story here with an accompanying image. At the end all seven stories will be collected […]

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