Book Cover for Mothlight by Adam Scovell

Review : Mothlight, Adam Scovell

I am late. Grief has that habit of interrupting promises, attempts to return to what was the normal. Even so normal shifts everyday and with grief it lurches everyday, there was still that false aim. It was being in grief, with loss, for something I’ll never know, which introduced me to Influx Press via Paul […]

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Book Cover, Void Voices by James Knight

Review : Void Voices, James Knight

‘A lion’s eye stares, asking you… And is that a snout or a dragon’s eye in shadow [a dead phone & digital memo lost], watching over its gold as the lion starves. The clockwork gears shifting.’ Void Voices by James Knight begins with an image, lion infused clockwork. Further images are dispersed throughout the book, […]

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Book Cover, The Stone Tide, Gareth E Rees

Review : The Stone Tide, Gareth E Rees

The ‘shark faced boomerangs’ seem the least of Gareth E Rees’ problems. For there is the dilapidated house in need of not only renovating, but also an exorcism or three. Then there is that nagging pain in his groin. Not to mention how the coast whips up the ghost of his dead friend. And so […]

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Book Cover, Ghosts on the Shore, Paul Scraton

Review : Ghosts on the Shore, Paul Scraton

Note: Not so much a review, as a personal response to Paul Scraton’s thought provoking writing to the places and history he experiences along the Baltic coast. Paul has written an important book about the history of a coast line which feels symbolic of human history and the human condition. Reminding us of the importance […]

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Book Cover, The National Fraud, Richard Pierce

Review : The National Fraud, Richard Pierce

I mentioned in Invisible that “the celebration of the joy of being an individual, of living and being responsible for yourself, of awakening to this is now” was often in the form of a book review. The National Fraud: a political allegory by Richard Pierce is certainly about awakening to now and deservedly my first review […]

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Book Cover, Dead Men

Review : Dead Men, Richard Pierce

Dead Men by Richard Pierce lured me in rather like when I first saw photos of the great expanse of ice that is Antarctica. Why was it that Scott, Bowers and Wilson stayed in their tent for ten days despite being eleven miles from safety? Having read Scott’s diaries I wondered what Richard would offer and […]

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Cover for Evie and Guy by Dan Holloway

Review : Evie and Guy, Dan Holloway

Evie and Guy by Dan Holloway is a book without words but instead Dan has composed Evie and Guy using only numbers. The focus is on masturbation events and through this Evie and Guy’s relationship and lives unfold. So far I have only skimmed Evie and Guy, but already I am starting to feel for the characters, imagining who […]

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7" Fiction by Neil Schiller Image

Review : 7″ Fiction, Neil Schiller

When I came across Neil Schiller’s 7″ Fiction it caught my eye as the format is the same as my Living Room Stories. Neil has produced physical copies as well as posting the stories on his blog, Twenty-Two B. The first 7″ contains two quirky stories about breaking up, I particularly like the line ‘Sometimes the knowledge that something […]

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Peirene Press Image

Interview : Meike Ziervogel

Welcome Meike Ziervogel of Peirene Press to Decoding Static. “Peirene Press is a small independent publishing house in London. Peirene specializes in contemporary European literature in English translation. They only publish books of less than 200 pages that can be read in the same time it takes to watch a DVD. We curate our books […]

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