Image of cover of Trapdoor

Review : Trapdoor, Vixen Phillips

The pages of Trapdoor are drenched in sadness, a sadness that hit me and didn’t let me go, not even after I closed the book. Within this sadness there are glimpses of hope, a hope I knew wouldn’t come true, at least not my version, but one I held onto, due to my romantic inclinations. It is […]

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Cover of In Praise of Savagery

Review : In Praise of Savagery, Warwick Cairns

In Praise of Savagery is a potent mix of humour, travel and thought. Warwick Cairns begins proceedings with a quote from Wilfred Thesiger, which I think captures much of what it is that drives people to extreme challenges and lives that are full of experience rather than a status quo existence. ‘Yet there were a cheerful, […]

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Photo of Warpaint, Lancaster Library

Review : Warpaint Gig

Warpaint played at Lancaster Library on Friday 20th May and it was a fun evening. Warpaint’s lyrics and voices, to me, are fragile, they wrap them up with their strong guitar playing and drumming, giving their songs strength. They smiled and chatted to the crowd, their enjoyment was clear, as I hope was the crowds. […]

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Review : Cob Dominos, The Lovely Eggs

Cob Dominos begin with Minibus, a start that surprised me as it a slower and more down beat song than I am use to with the Lovely Eggs, but I like it, this element of surprise is The Lovely Eggs. Minibus sounds like a broken love song, ‘it’s no fun when you leave town … we fall down, we […]

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