Photo of crocuses

Spring Nature Diary – Spring Equinox 2020

This week has been one of adaptation and transition, of which I will say more in another post, for now I wish to speak about slowing down, becoming still and taking care of ourselves, during what are unprecedented times for a lot of us. Over on twitter, which can be both an overwhelming source of […]

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Photo of a mask with barbed wire

(un)becoming an imposter

The wearing of masks leaves scars. Scars, which I haven’t always allowed to heal. It is the daily picking of these scars, which, for me, defines being an imposter. The underlying uncomfortableness of inhabiting myself, physically, emotionally, mentally. At many times during my life so far, I have been disconnected, insecure and in conflict. Too […]

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Visible, Visible Cover Image

Visible, Visible

We can’t escape our lives. During my invisible grief it can feel as if I am not living, that I am just stuck and my life is waiting to start again. Partly because the grief can be a knockout punch and partly because I am not honouring my grief or myself. Instead I try to […]

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Visible, Invisible Cover Image

Visible, Invisible

It was as if life continued around me, around us, but we were stuck in this no-children land, as if we had slipped into another world, fading. Daily, it felt like a fight to be, it became automatic just to function. I dragged myself out running, for peace, for anger, for something to do, to […]

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Invisible Cover Image


I first started Decoding Static when I was working on a novel, with the working title, Deception. Deception is still important to me and the novel is still bubbling away inside of me. The current social political climate of false news, claims and propaganda hints at the relevance of Deception, more so the demand for […]

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Photo of I do write Artwork


I recently read two posts by Dan Holloway, Turning Points and Action Points, where he shares his feelings and pain regarding his year so far and where this has left him creatively. What strikes me most about the posts is Dan’s openness, his willingness to lay himself bare. Dan writes about the struggles of finding a space to […]

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Photo of coins


I feel like I must write, say something. What I am sharing with you is an idea, a line from a short story I started yesterday lunch time when my mind was whirring with work and the self made stress of it all. I felt better afterwards. The story is provisionally titled I’m finished. In […]

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White Trees Artwork

Make Art For Peace One Day : White Trees

September 21st is the International Day of Peace. In 2001 the 192 member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted 21 September as an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence. The story of Peace Day can be read at Peace One Day. On Facebook the Austin Experimental Artists have created the event Make Art For Peace […]

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