Book Cover, The Stone Tide, Gareth E Rees

Review : The Stone Tide, Gareth E Rees

The ‘shark faced boomerangs’ seem the least of Gareth E Rees’ problems. For there is the dilapidated house in need of not only renovating, but also an exorcism or three. Then there is that nagging pain in his groin. Not to mention how the coast whips up the ghost of his dead friend. And so […]

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Book Cover, Ghosts on the Shore, Paul Scraton

Review : Ghosts on the Shore, Paul Scraton

Note: Not so much a review, as a personal response to Paul Scraton’s thought provoking writing to the places and history he experiences along the Baltic coast. Paul has written an important book about the history of a coast line which feels symbolic of human history and the human condition. Reminding us of the importance […]

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Book Cover, The National Fraud, Richard Pierce

Review : The National Fraud, Richard Pierce

I mentioned in Invisible that “the celebration of the joy of being an individual, of living and being responsible for yourself, of awakening to this is now” was often in the form of a book review. The National Fraud: a political allegory by Richard Pierce is certainly about awakening to now and deservedly my first review […]

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Living Room Stories Image

Living Room Stories Update

Living Room Stories was released as a handmade limited edition. Due to the popularity of the first edition, a second edition was released. There are handmade copies of the second edition still available to buy. I think the handmade format suit these stories the best, as such I have removed the kindle edition. Partly because […]

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tearing at thoughts Image

tearing at thoughts Second Edition

The second edition of tearing at thoughts is now available. It’s been over three years since the limited edition sold out and an explanation for this, as well as a piece setting the context for tearing at thoughts is included in the second edition. When tearing at thoughts was published by 79 rat press as […]

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Visible, Visible Cover Image

Visible, Visible

We can’t escape our lives. During my invisible grief it can feel as if I am not living, that I am just stuck and my life is waiting to start again. Partly because the grief can be a knockout punch and partly because I am not honouring my grief or myself. Instead I try to […]

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Visible, Invisible Cover Image

Visible, Invisible

It was as if life continued around me, around us, but we were stuck in this no-children land, as if we had slipped into another world, fading. Daily, it felt like a fight to be, it became automatic just to function. I dragged myself out running, for peace, for anger, for something to do, to […]

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