Photo of crocuses

Spring Nature Diary – Spring Equinox 2020

This week has been one of adaptation and transition, of which I will say more in another post, for now I wish to speak about slowing down, becoming still and taking care of ourselves, during what are unprecedented times for a lot of us. Over on twitter, which can be both an overwhelming source of […]

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Photo of Andy & Rach

Boo & Maddie : My Story

Lins hosts a weekly column on being childfree at her website, Boo & Maddie. Today, I tell my story of being childless. I am nowhere close to saying I am childfree, for that has the connotation of choice, and the one thing about being childless is the choicelessness of it. But I am there saying […]

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Photo of a mask with barbed wire

(un)becoming an imposter

The wearing of masks leaves scars. Scars, which I haven’t always allowed to heal. It is the daily picking of these scars, which, for me, defines being an imposter. The underlying uncomfortableness of inhabiting myself, physically, emotionally, mentally. At many times during my life so far, I have been disconnected, insecure and in conflict. Too […]

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Book Cover for Mothlight by Adam Scovell

Review : Mothlight, Adam Scovell

I am late. Grief has that habit of interrupting promises, attempts to return to what was the normal. Even so normal shifts everyday and with grief it lurches everyday, there was still that false aim. It was being in grief, with loss, for something I’ll never know, which introduced me to Influx Press via Paul […]

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Book Cover, Void Voices by James Knight

Review : Void Voices, James Knight

‘A lion’s eye stares, asking you… And is that a snout or a dragon’s eye in shadow [a dead phone & digital memo lost], watching over its gold as the lion starves. The clockwork gears shifting.’ Void Voices by James Knight begins with an image, lion infused clockwork. Further images are dispersed throughout the book, […]

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Image of text and artwork for under there, somewhere

Burning House Press : under there, somewhere

As part of Burning House Press month of BELONGING/RETURNING/RETREATING curated by Rachael de Moravia my new writing and art, under there, somewhere, was included under the theme of (non)BELONGING. “A digital collage//textual hybrid exposition of distorted music, missed signals and unbelonging” Rachael de Moravia. ‘Drum sticks meet, guitars rev. On his knees wailing ‘Imagine your […]

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