I write not out of a desire to tell stories. Through writing, as well as art and photography, I explore what it means to be human through the themes of love, relationships, loneliness, hope and the individual. I am interested in if and when we awake to our life, to a sense of this is it and to living in the moment. I am curious to why for so many of those moments we are not authentic, instead we live hidden behind masks and afraid to be who we are; ruled by fear due to external messages, expectations and demands on us, rather than guided by our sense of self, curiosity and the present. My expression, through words or images, are snapshots of the moments of authenticity, the moments of fear and the conflict and processes that is part of my attempts at being alive. I believe creativity is at its most beautiful when it challenges; my aim is that my writing and art causes the reader/viewer to pause, reflect and feel.

As well as a writer, I am a person-centred therapist, currently specialising in the trauma that arises from sexual abuse and sexual violence. For further information please see Mind your Head Counselling. I am also currently studying for a PhD, researching the role of nature-based therapeutic activities (also known as green care) on long-term wellbeing. Finally, I curate (In)visible childlessness, an online gallery for the creative expression of how it feels to be childless not by choice.

My interest in relationships, in being authentic, in developing our sense of self and that each of us matters I bring to these other areas of my life, with the belief that each of us can live a life that is enjoyable, fulfilling and meaningful.

If you like to say hello you can contact me by email or at @AndyHarrod79.

A note on reviews and interviews. My book and music reviews are more than often my head and heart response to the writing or music. The feedback from writers and musicians is they like them for that quality. If this sounds like your type of review you are welcome to get in touch. Regarding interviews, due to time constraints I am currently not offering interviews. The interviews on the blog are historical.