Photo of artwork for Dancing under Rainbows

World Childless Week : Dancing under Rainbows

It is World Childless Week this week and today’s theme is Men Matter Too. I have shared a story of my grief, Dancing under Rainbows.

‘…The gate swings open, four small wheels roll along the path; a deafening war cry. His heart pounds. They knock…’

Childlessness is a grief that will never leave me, a grief that requires constant processing, a grief easily triggered by a bump, a pushchair, a thoughtless comment, the everyday. It is a grief that has taken a lot from me. I am slowly reclaiming myself from its grip. Take a moment to join me in this alternative world from the expected. An alternative world for too many of us, but you wouldn’t know that, for childlessness is an invisible grief. Help make it visible.

Read Dancing under Rainbows.

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