Photo of Glass Mountain Vinyl

Review : wow and flutter ep, Glass Mountain

Even before the needle has been placed on the robot pink vinyl there is the sense of these songs calling to the core of me. Is it the cover that speaks first? A landscape of trees set in grey, with darkness spilling, blotting out; empty buildings, brick shells, fades. Is there a glimmer of light? Then there is the art print, the band erased, the words hurt, someone, alone and wait screams; catching the heart. On first listen I was dragged back 20 years, here again was music of hope, music as salvation, music as a cry for existence in a world of pretence.

Gin Flows Through My Veins begins with Marr like shimming guitars and driven drums, then the voice catches me and doesn’t let go, the lyrics seep in, resonate. Haunt sounds like hold, as if it is what is craved underneath the lonely, the less alone, the product of stretched and blurry happiness to cover lows. The imagine of gin cradling the lonely at a kitchen table with a checked plastic cloth, flashes, repeats, this is not the gin that sides up with aromatic tonics, a slice of orange and laughter.

Wait All Alone captures me with the same tight sound. I glimpse a love story, caught in the crossfire of waking to a life that crushes youthful dreams. The hopes of youth already sold by the games society plays, so it is the dishes as anesthetic. But if only you can be truly there, then it can change this fear of not being wanted, by the torn self? By the world?

Ghosts, lyrically the most abstract. To me a sense of what has to be left behind, to be our own person, to experience our own world. Yet the protagonist could be anyone for others to carve and sculpt. Though I also hear fight, fight to leave behind the hauntings and hurt, to create life that is alive not haunted. As guitars, capturing the energy and rush of a live gig, close Ghosts, a fading voice sings, not so much pleading, but reinstating, drilling their point home.

Have to Lie, feels to me, a piano caressed lullaby lulling those not wanting to know to sleep with that universal lie of ‘I’m Fine’. A ‘I’m Fine’ not for the speaker, but for the other, tears may fall, but the mask has already been offered, this connection is going nowhere. ‘I’m Fine’ covers up the emptiness, the sleepless nights as thoughts abound. The cost of this lie, the dark clouds that blot the sun. I’m left with the sense of a desire to connect, to be met.

wow and flutter is an ode to the human condition, to connections, where each is seen, heard, and understood. A cry to reach out and not ignore, even if clumsy and it becomes a well intentioned mistake, this is better than nothing. Nothing is emptiness. Good intentions can be repaired, something can happen there. With nothing fixes are craved to fill the emptiness. wow and flutter charts another way.

wow and flutter is available from Glass Mountain.