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Living Room Stories Update

Living Room Stories was released as a handmade limited edition. Due to the popularity of the first edition, a second edition was released. There are handmade copies of the second edition still available to buy. I think the handmade format suit these stories the best, as such I have removed the kindle edition. Partly because I was never happy with how it appeared on the kindle and in part because the stories are snapshots of memories and can be read in any order, which is less likely to occur on the kindle as there has to be a set order, whilst for the handmade edition each story is on a separate card.

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‘I think what’s special is the sense of fragility he conveys. His characters, and his images, are all on the cusp of fading from view altogether. They are sous squeezed almost dry, yet in his stripped back grey prose the colours and hopes of what has leeched away return to haunt us long after we finish reading. The emotional power comes because we know these are characters who have lost but have never given up – and they wear that struggle in each word, as though Andy’s prose is a wrinkled skin covering them. His images, too, are of spaces in half light, on the border between desert and city, between construction and decay – places and things on the verge of not being. His work is made of layer after layer placed almost on top of one another to create something of utter simplicity.’ Dan Holloway, Author

‘What a collection this is. It would be no exaggeration to say that I have not taken pleasure out of a reading ‘experience’ quite like this before. I think that this was helped by reading each story aloud while listening to the corresponding piece from Arnalds’ collection. Harrod’s work should be regarded as a new form that calls on influences from literature, poetry and music. This project is a stunning marriage of the three, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.’ Rory O’Sullivan, Sabotage Reviews

‘Andy is a writer with a unique and original voice, an often unconventional presentation and, sometimes, painful honesty. … I have never read anything like this. As an artefact it’s unique, as a concept it’s original. As a piece of storytelling, it’s brevity belies its emotional depth and intelligence. This is a life story – beautifully told. It’s heart-wrenching, absorbing, wonderful.’ Anne Stormont, Put it in Writing

‘They are largely about love and relationships and also happen to be very good. … Light is my favourite. A glimpse of a marriage with a tremendously romantic and moving final line.’ Scott Pack, Me and My Big Mouth