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I first started Decoding Static when I was working on a novel, with the working title, Deception. Deception is still important to me and the novel is still bubbling away inside of me. The current social political climate of false news, claims and propaganda hints at the relevance of Deception, more so the demand for power and control of our lives and the price we appear willing to pay for it. A price that includes excluding others, fearing difference and thinking we are different from one another because of ethnicity and beliefs, when we are all human. When there are no borders except those we create.

Decoding Static evolved from a platform for Deception to a playground for my expression, the expression of the invisible. I focused on the individual and the cost of not living by our sense of self, but allowing that sense to be squashed, forgotten and alongside this, the abdication of responsibility for ourselves. Ultimately we become lost in the herd; lost in desires and products we are sold. Created for and by ourselves to fill the hole left behind by our thwarted self. This loss and anaesthetising of ourselves is also at the heart of Deception.

There was also celebration of the joy of being an individual, of living and being responsible for yourself, of awakening to this is now. Often this joy was captured in the form of reviews for books and music.

Then the swings in the playground became still.