Photo of the anchoress ep

Review : One for Sorrow ep, The Anchoress

One for Sorrow is an ep that is worth the wait. I’ve been aware of Catherine AD for the past 5 years since she released The Bedroom Sessions, which were enchanting, evocative and haunting. On One for Sorrow her soundscape has grown with her recantation as The Anchoress , whilst her lyrics suggest an engagement with existence that is rare to hear on a ‘pop’ song. Though to class One to Sorrow as pop does it a disservice, it is much more than 3 minute slices to sing along to. It is best appreciated on repeat, each song echoing into the next. The ep is produced by Paul Draper, from the cult band Mansun. Paul’s influence is clear and it is good to have him back.

One for Sorrow begins as if settling down with a fairy tale before bed before launching into an infectious beat, which becomes a swirling rift. Catherine’s voice rises and falls with a beautiful snarl. Her lyrics capture the desire of others for a loved one to settle versus (I assume) her own desire to tread her own path, no matter the struggles that may be encountered. One for Sorrow is a hefty punch to the herd mentality.

Meanwhile Once upon a Lie is softer, Catherine sings with a gentle voice rising joyfully, powerfully. Yet her lyrics hints at fairy tale life and love gone sour, ‘Can I erase this’, sung not so much as a question, but a statement. Rich layers of guitar, keys and drums wrap around Catherine’s voice representing the complexity of her lyrics.

Long year arrives with dystopian guitars and Catherine’s voice stretched out, as if indeed a long year has been endured. It feels as if it is a ritual, an attempt to cleanse that year.

The ep finishes with a remix of One for Sorrow, it feels like the dawn after red wine midnight talk, calm and bliss enter the fray, yet the memories remain like the twinkling keys, like stars in the night.

This review also appears on amazon as an entry into a competition run by Catherine for a signed copy of the ep. I am pleased I won the signed copy with my review.

Posted: 15 May 2019