Photo of Living Room Stories Artwork

Living Room Stories : Edinburgh eBook Festival Undercover Soundtrack

Roz Morris ran a week of Undercover Soundtrack posts as part of the Edinburgh eBook Festival and my Undercover Soundtrack about Living Room Stores and tearing at thoughts was included.

Roz: “I love this quote: ‘All art aspires to the condition of music’. Meaning, it works beyond its medium; a direct connection with nerves and heart. This quote seems particularly to fit tonight’s guest. He says he writes from a need to understand, to uncensor, find meaning and connect with self and life. He prefers his music on vinyl (good man!) to better enjoy its sleeve art, and his book, Living Room Stories, is housed in a 7in record sleeve, although weightless editions are available too. How could you resist?”

Roz explains why music matters to her and why she runs The Undercover Soundtrack on the Edinburgh eBook Festival site, whilst you can read my Undercover Soundtrack on her Red Blog.

Posted: 9 May 2019