Photo of Andy Harrod reading at Nothing to Say

tearing at thoughts : NOTHING TO SAY Show

Last Friday I gave my debut reading of tearing at thoughts and for that matter my debut reading in public! The NOTHING TO SAY event was held at Albion Beatnik Bookshop in Oxford. Which reminded me of Black Books, especially when the red wine came out! A very unique and lovely place to launch my book and the other collections that form NOTHING TO SAY. The reading went well, though I was glad that the audience couldn’t see my legs shaking under my jeans. Especially as the technology held up and the accompanying video worked. I also got the chance to display some of my original art, which appears in tearing at thoughts, in the basement gallery. Thank you for the applause and the comments!

It was a great experience and one I would be willing to repeat, despite the nerves, it would be nice to read my work out again. It was also great to meet Dan Holloway, the brains behind 79 rat press and NOTHING TO SAY, and fellow authors of books in the collection, Paul Axl Askew (Animal Magnetism) and Kiran Millwood Hargrave (wide-shining), as well as many other writers, all of whom were lovely. Finally it felt surreal to sign books, but a lovely thing to be asked and to do.

Posted: 9 May 2019