A still from the tearing at thoughts video

tearing at thoughts : Promo Video

I have produced a promo video for tearing at thoughts, which will also provide a hint towards my reading on Friday at NOTHING TO SAY : Spoken Word Event. It feels appropriate to call it a promo video as I see tearing at thoughts as an album, each piece works separately, but together they layer and resonate the unspoken and the lost. I discuss this idea further at my undercover soundtrack.

Promo Video for tearing at thoughts

This is my first attempt at a video and reading my work out loud and overall I am happy with the results. I am not keen on the sound of my own voice at the best of times, and feel it could be better, still I have to start somewhere! I feel if I don’t let it go I never will and will keep chasing a perfection that doesn’t exist.

Posted: 9 May 2019