Photo of Living Room Stories Artwork

Living Room Stories : Sabotage Recommends

I am very pleased to announce that Living Room Stories is one of the eight recommended self-published books by Sabotage. Congratulations also to the other recommend authors and their books, as well as Sabotage, who’s award of Top Website for Self-Publishers from The Alliance for Independent Authors, is why they have recommend eight self-published books.

It is a great to be recognised and with such recognition it is becoming increasingly hard for a loud part of me to keep telling me my writing is worthless. Instead the part of me, the greater, but quieter part, which believes in my writing and why I write is becoming more confident and comfortable with my writing. Which bodes well for future writing and releases.

Being the time of year where gifts are being sought, I recommend looking at the other recommendations as you may find one or two gifts there. Which is where I am heading now.

For those of you after a copy of Living Room Stories, the handmade second edition is still available and you can but it from the Living Room Stories page.

Posted: 9 May 2019