Book Cover, A Constant Suicide

Review : A Constant Suicide, Brian Krans

I won a copy of A Constant Suicide by Brian Krans from Mensis Liber some time ago. Mensis Liber is run by Kenna, with the aim of giving away books to encourage people to read more. I think this is a lovely idea and a copy of Living Room Stories was one of the first to be given away. If you are interested in offering your book for a future giveaway please get in touch with Kenna.

Brian Krans’ A Constant Suicide is the book that inspired Kenna to begin Mensis Liber. I have only just got round to reading A Constant Suicide and I enjoyed it. A Constant Suicide focuses on two characters at college enjoying the ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ lifestyle, but underneath this is the theme of who are we and how do we live as the person we want to be. There are costs both to being our self and to the wearing of masks when living a life that is not true to our sense of self. Brian explores both of these areas and I think the title is rather apt and reflects the ending well. I saw a lot of myself in this book and relate to the characters, though I have chosen a different ending for myself, an ending that is on-going as I battle with being me.

I recommend A Constant Suicide by Brian Krans and Mensis Liber to you. Due to Kenna’s project I have read a book that I was very unlikely to come across and due to Brian’s writing enjoyed that experience.

Posted: 8 May 2019