Photo of Living Room Stories Artwork

Living Room Stories : Review

Occasionally, out of a strange sense of wondering, I will google (when did google become another word for search?) Living Room Stories and occasionally something cool turns up such as Dan’s recommendation for Living Room Stories on the League of Extraordinary Authors. During July the League of Extraordinary Authors ‘is all about independence, so we’re inviting the Extraordinaires to share their favorite indie picks’. Dan says ‘Andy Harrod is one of a handful of artists who can seamlessly blend media to create works of devastating emotional impact.‘ Read the rest of Dan’s recommendation at the League of Extraordinary Authors. Sadly the website is no longer live.

The League of Extraordinary Authors is an international coalition of critically acclaimed and bestselling authors blurring the boundaries between old school and new world publishing. Our brand: Traditional craft excellence. Indie spirit. Reader-friendly prices. I am looking forward to finding out more about the authors involved.

Posted: 8 May 2019