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Living Room Stories : Interview

Dan Holloway over at eight cuts has interviewed me about Living Room Stories and my writing. Dan’s questions were a joy to answer, even so they deal with those uncomfortable edges. On that edge I talk about music, urban decay, layers, relationships and the here and now.

As I revealed each layer, there wasn’t an answer, but a clue, a hint. Perhaps there is no answer, no end point. But that it is the journey, the here and now where we reside, which is important, but that importance is so often clouded and masked. We have to delve through layers to reach meaning, to experience a life that is authentic.

Dan also wrote a wonderful introduction to the interview. Maybe it is time to start to really believe in my writing.

Living Room Stories, inspired by Ólafur Arnalds’ Living Room Songs, is one of the most perfect things of 2011.

I think what’s special is the sense of fragility he conveys. His characters, and his images, are all on the cusp of fading from view altogether. They are sous squeezed almost dry, yet in his stripped back grey prose the colours and hopes of what has leeched away return to haunt us long after we finish reading.

Read the interview at eight cuts.

Thank you Dan.

Posted: 7 May 2019