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Review : Sew up the Sky, Birds vs Planes

It is the energy, passion and enjoyment of Sew up the Sky by Birds vs Planes that has me hooked; it has been on repeat for the pass hour and with each play it buries itself deeper into my mind, improving my mood and waking me up. Sew up the Sky begins with a quirky earworm rift before Jen’s vocals pop up singing lyrics that are abstract and intelligent, ‘Sew up the sky the suns in my eyes, Blast the dam the rivers too dry’. Jen’s delivery is heartfelt and passionate, I hear and feel the urgency in her voice, ‘Be someone else but remain only you’. The guitars wrap around the lyrics and me, transporting me to an indie disco, a festival field, a bedroom – Sew up the Sky is not out of place at any them, be it dancing and moshing with friends or on your headphones, alone with a smile.

The artwork is great too and it is good to see good quality artwork for a digital only release. The artwork is designed by Malin Gustavsson.

Birds vs Planes released Sew up the Sky last Saturday, which is when they also played Radio One’s Big Weekend. Blake had this say about both events.

What was it like playing Radio One’s Big weekend?

It was amazing. In fact, the whole weekend was! We had a great time on stage & got a brilliant reception from the crowd, as well as behind the scenes. It was an incredibly professional set up, yet remained a really friendly atmosphere & we got to meet some really cool people (Jen met Dave Grohl), see some great bands & get free food & drink! Wants not to like.

Why did you choose Sew up the Sky for your single release?

We had quite a few options to choose from, but felt that Sew Up The Sky was the right choice for the first release. We all thought it would give new listeners a good idea of what were about, as well as something new & fresh for fans who’ve followed us a long time! So, it kind of ticked all the right boxes.

What can we expect from the album?

You’ll get a bit of a mix & there’s something in there for everyone really. Some slower songs, a few dancey songs, few pop songs & a couple to get you jumping around. Were all really happy with the way its sounding & really happy we’ve finally been able to spend the time needed to transfer some of that live energy that always been lacking in past recordings. Also, you’ll have some more beautiful artwork to accompany it!

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You can buy Sew up the Sky from Birds vs Planes.

Posted 18 April 2019