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Review, Changing of the Seasons, Ane Brun

I have been a fan of Ane Brun for a while and I recently brought Changing of the Seasons, which is a beautiful album, drenched in love.

Changing of the Seasons begins with The Treehouse Song, ‘When I woke, I took the backdoor to my mind and then I spoke. I counted all of the good things you are’. A tender love song about lost love and that it’s not that simple to let go. The Fall follows and Ane’s voice haunts as she sings ‘Don’t ever let me go’, accompanied by rolling drums and piano. Imagine a hall, empty, Ane singing alone on the stage. It feels that lonely and beautiful.

My Star is hopeful, protective, a love you’ll only know once, a love I am lucky to have, ‘In your surroundings, I’m the one I want to be’. Lullaby for GrownUps reminds me of Nick Drake, the clever lyrics, sung by Ane’s rich voice, meaning every word, having lived each word. The music draws you into the sadness of the song and in between the lines, in the spaces, you can glimpse the hope and happiness that is possible too.

Changing of the Seasons finishes with Linger with Pleasure, a tender ending, ‘But sometimes it is enough to know that there is a place where everything is on hold, where the hours will be longer and I’ll linger with pleasure’. We all need a place like that and Ane on Changing of the Seasons helps provide such a place for us to enjoy and to feel what it is to be alive, to be in the present. Changing of the Seasons as stated before is drenched in love, I can hear it in Ane’s voice, while her lyrics resonate with it and the music conjures states of mind both joyous and sorrowful at the same time.

Changing of the Seasons is available to buy from Ane Brun.

Posted: 18 April 2019