Review : Cob Dominos, The Lovely Eggs

Cob Dominos begin with Minibus, a start that surprised me as it a slower and more down beat song than I am use to with the Lovely Eggs, but I like it, this element of surprise is The Lovely Eggs. Minibus sounds like a broken love song, ‘it’s no fun when you leave town … we fall down, we get a graze … you got the weirdest heart in the world … she’s up front and I’m in the band’. People are Twats follows and doesn’t need any explaining, but something no doubt we all agree on depending on who the ‘people’ are. Like I’m a Journalist, it shows how music is great for releasing anger. I saw a quote recently about how some people have therapy, the rest of us have music, The Lovely Eggs are certainly an example of how music works in that respect.

One of my favourites is Panic Plants, a kooky sing along, ‘Did you remember to lock up the front door, planting the seeds in the brain that grows into panic plants’. Panic Plants also brings to mind The Kinks, both musically and lyrically as The Lovely Eggs sing about local and personal events; little stories in three minutes. Don’t look at Me (I don’t like it) was the lead single and it is a burst of energy with kooky catchy lyrics

Hey Scraggletooth begins with a rather fine rift, which dominates the song throughout, that and the name of scraggletooth just has me hooked. Fuck it follows which is a call to living and reminds me of a bedroom song, strumming a guitar, singing loud – cleansing. There is a blitz of short sharp songs in the middle about books, letters and pets. I also like the daft sounding Watermelons, ‘I am going to make those watermelons make you smile’, we all need play in our lives.

Oregon begins with a slow cyclic rhythm, ‘cycle down to the shore … the sea will take you home’, it is a quiet moment, for reflective escape, until it explodes at the end with a release of energy, ‘Oh Oregon’.

Cob Dominos is a album that rewards repeated listening, there are songs that catch you from the off, but there are also little gems that emerge over time. An eclectic album of songs to listen to loud on your headphones and to sing along to on the bus and surprise people when you cry out ‘Hey Scraggletooth’.

Holly and David had this to say about Cob Dominos, ‘The first one was yellow. This one is blue’. Read the rest of the interview.

Cob Dominos is available to buy from Cherryade Records.

Posted: 9 April 2019