Review : Don’t Look at Me, I don’t like it, The Lovely Eggs

Don’t look at Me (I don’t like it) is The Lovely Eggs lead single from their new album Cob Dominos and it is a burst of energy with kooky catchy lyrics, ‘Look at him with his dog dirt eyes, look at him with his rabbit’s fur teeth, look at him with his dressing grown nose’. It is tuneful shouty indie, grunge pop, full of crashing drums and guitars. A proper pop song. The lyrics at times sound like a list, a lyrical fun list, but there is something more being said, ‘Don’t look at him, don’t look at me, we are out on a boat that is far out to sea, we clearly need help, throw us a boat, turn this ship around, we want to go home’. I think in there, is a comment about the times we live in, they are insular, society lacks communications and the majority of us don’t like being looked at, noticed by strangers. Yet there is also this fame hungry culture, where people appear willing to do almost anything to be seen. As I said a proper pop song, it is fun and whilst singing along makes you, well at least me, think.

Holly and David had this to say about Don’t look at Me (I don’t like it), ‘It’s one thing to be seen, but to be picked out for looking different is different! We think people who pick on other people are twats.’. Read the rest of the interview.

Watch the Don’t look at Me (I don’t like it) video, staring Morecambe and featuring John Shuttleworth.

Don’t look at Me (I don’t like it) is out today on Cherryade Records, treat yourself to a slice of kooky energetic pop.

Posted: 25 March 2019

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