Photo of Sea of Bees, Lancaster Library

Review : Sea of Bees Gig

Sea of Bees supported Smoke Fairies at Lancaster Library on Saturday 22 January 2011 and I could compare them to First Aid Kit, with hints of Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen due to the mix of acoustic and electric guitar and soaring voices. However what I really want to say is that Julie’s songs are full of energy, truth, and passion, they are real. They were enhanced by Julie’s story telling between songs, telling us the history of them, ‘…about something I could not talk about. Love. …’, complete with expressive hand gestures. We laughed, we smiled, we moved with them. Julie’s voice and folk guitar was complemented by electric guitar, adding depth to the songs.

Like their American counterparts, Avi Buffalo, Julie thought the library was a venue, not an actual library, her innocent surprise about how cool it was to play in a library was the opposite to the knowing depth of her electric folk songs.

Sea of Bees were a pleasant surprise, beautiful songs sung by a beautiful voice. Their single revolved on my record player a number of times after the gig, mesmerised by her voice on the a side, The Woods, and the b side, Lightfriend. I am looking forward to hearing the album, Songs for the Ravens.  Music excites me and discovering Sea of Bees, along with hearing Smoke Fairies play live, reignited that excitement last night. I was positively bouncing on the way home.

Sea of Bees, Lancaster Library
Julie watching the Smoke Fairies. Her whooping from the sidelines made me laugh.

Sea of Bees debut album, Songs for the Ravens, is out now.

Posted: 18 March 2019