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Interview : NR ONE Records

Welcome Kingsley from NR ONE Records, a record label based in East Anglia. Being from Norwich I have a soft spot for it’s music, as I do now for Lancaster now, I think it is important to support local creativity. NR ONE Records have an eclectic mix of bands and genre’s on their label, a few of my favourites include, The Kabeedies, Violet Violet and Fuck Dress (now Scumbag Philosopher).

Kinglsey has answered some of my questions, with the disclaimer ‘It’s all tongue in cheek we’re quite laid back here’, no bad thing being chilled out and up for a laugh and Kingsley’s answers certainly had me chuckling.

What were your reasons behind starting NR ONE Records?

I run the East Anglian Music Archive and for years have seen bands come and go and getting very little help in taking the next step, we had a small go at it in the eighties with our first label Angel Records which flopped – but when the chance came along again and being armed with far more knowledge of the industry I felt the time was right to try and help again Or in short Stupidity.

Where on the labour of love-bloody hard work scale have you found it?

On a scale of 1 to 10, 100

The label contains a diverse range of musicians and bands, does this reflect your own musical tastes?

All music is good, I don’t conform to elitism where somebody thinks their taste is the correct one. I personally like to give everything a chance even if i may not feel it’s personal to me but because it’s played and presented with passion. I also like artists that work hard and don’t think that the X factor is how it really is.

How do you come across bands? Is it that old adage of posted demos and pubs?

I go to gigs all the time and people send me stuff, I just keep my ear to the ground and hope people don’t stand on my head!

At the risk of alienating some of your acts, do you have a favourite band on your label?(!)

No, if they are on the label they are fucking fantastic and if you’re from east anglian and not on our label they’re still fucking fantastic. East Anglia rules…

You recently celebrated your fifth birthday, how was that?

We had been going five years, i think that’s how it works.

Did you expect to reach this point when you first started?

Not before five years!

To me it appears you release singles/ep’s on vinyl as well as cd and digital, but not albums, is there a reason behind this? (for us vinyl fiends)

If I had my way CD users would be put to death and I would heavily TAX the use of ipods and all digital equipment. I would fine all abodes without a record player, but we can’t live in the past this way. I hear you Bro, and vinyl is the only way to listen to music but we move on and business dictates albums sell on CD, if I had a burnable excess of cash I would make vinyl only.

How do you think digital releases are affecting labels?

Well it’s less money to the labels and a bigger risk in getting back your investment, this means labels invest less and don’t take so many gambles.

Do you see a place for physical releases in the future?

I hope so, They said that tapes and vinyl would be obsolete by now but they are still here, the only formats to die have been digital – Mini Disc / DAT, OK not many people use 8-Track cartridges anymore. I can’t imagine a time when we don’t have physical collections to mull over. It will be a sad day.

Do you have a preferred format?

I do and there’s no prizes for guessing what it is.

How have the NR ONE gigs gone?

It’s always nerve racking putting on gigs, we have actually stopped putting on gigs in Norwich now as it takes up too much time and the label suffers, people think this is what we do full time but it’s not.

Any memorable moments?


How is the Norwich music scene nowadys? (the Art Centre was always a favourite haunt)

Norwich is and has always been great for live music, if you can see past the rumour mill of the wannabee’s and the I can’t find a band I like so everything must be shit type people then you’ll enjoy the scene immensely.

Pop over to NR ONE Records and take a listen to their bands and treat yourself to some vinyl or a download.