Baffin Island Cover

Review : Baffin Island

Baffin Island sing and play beautiful indie folk. From the first hard strum of You Invited Me and the inviting tone of Melanie’s voice, ‘you invited me to a party, how I wanted to say no.’, I am caught up in the song, the story, You Invited Me pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. The lyrical story reminds me of Belle and Sebastian, as does the tone of the song, though Baffin Island’s sound is more fleshed out and layered, but also more importantly of the great lyrical story writer, Jarvis Cocker (Pulp).

You Make Two Weeks Two Days begins joyfully, imagine a small venue, half empty, bodies swaying, intently watching the band play, mesmerised by the voice and melodic sound, before joining in with the hand clapping. I feel as if I have stumbled across a hidden gem, enjoying the moment, this space with them, knowing it will fill up soon.

‘You slide up to me so sweet, so slow’ Melanie sings on their cover of Darling Please Come Home (Math and Physics Club), but she could equally be singing about the effect of Baffin Island on me and I doubt I am alone. Baffin Island is sidling up with a loved one and releasing how lucky you are to be so in love. Just like love, Baffin Island’s music is beautiful.

Sathya’s cover art is the perfect accompaniment and highlights EardrumsPop philosophy that they see these singles as a split-release between the band and the illustrator. To me Sathya has captured the essence of Baffin Island. I can just see the album artwork, framed, on the living room wall by our music.

You can download Baffin Island for free from EardrumsPop. I recommend you do and make sure you check out the booklet to find out more about Baffin Island, including a photo interview by A Negative Narrative (I’m liking photo number 2 and 4.), Sathya Ranjana, the cover art designer and the cover song.

Posted: 18 March 2010