Sometimes Always Cover

Review : Sometimes Always

Sometimes Always deliver short sharp shocks, that are pleasant, that produce a natural smile, that makes me want to dance. You Can All Hide is one minute and forty-five seconds of fuzzy pop, reminiscent of Pains of Being Pure at Heart, a joyful sound with deeper lyrics ‘you can all, you can all hide’.

Old-Fashioned Baby follows in a similar vein, behind the rhythmic fuzz I am struggling to hear the lyrics, but that is soon forgotten as I just find myself moving. Ivory tower by Sharesprings is their cover, more hypnotic sounds, reminding me of old computer games soundtracks, think C64, Specturm. I love the echoing rattling beat and memories of warming my feet on the transformer for the C64 whilst playing games in a cold room.

Luckily for us there is a bonus song, Be True, which I imagined is there at Knut’s (EardrumsPop) request as it appears to give him that same good, good feeling inside (funny, that was the title of the first song I wrote for my wife!). Sometimes Always songs bypass the mind and go straight for the heart, they are proof that I don’t need to dissect everything but instead can just be with something and enjoy it. Sometimes Always hit your insides, speaking internally to your emotions, making you smile and move.

You can download Sometimes Always for free from EardrumsPop. I recommend you do and make sure you check out the booklet to find out more about Sometimes Always, including a photo interview by A Negative Narrative (I like photo 10, it made me laugh.), Andy Hart, the cover art designer, make sure you check out the back cover too (digital music is in safe hands with EardrumsPop, providing everything you could ask of a well designed release) and the cover song.

Posted: 18 March 2019