Insect Guide Cover

Review : Insect Guide

Bats begin proceedings, with a fuzzy Raveonettes and Pains of Being Pure at Heart sound. I like it, it is pop angst. It is proper pop, written out of experience and played with energy. ‘You bat those lashes, but you’ll never be mine’, a sonnet for the broken hearted, a release of rejection.

On Heart’s Don’t Break bedroom strum guitars and Su’s far away voice sings, a voice that sounds like it has cried and argued last night, before a beautiful melody begin, ‘I’m trying to see that hearts don’t break, mine is just so out of shape. I see the lies’. Dark brooding lyrics, with a glimmer of silver hope. A song to fall to sleep to on lonely nights.

Insect Guide cover Nightime by Big Star (a band I recommend to you), making it their own, Su’s voice is stronger, the sound a clear fuzz, completing the trio of love songs. This is the second cover of a Big Star song I prefer to the original, the first thirteen by Elliot Smith.

Insect Guide are a band to accompany nocturnal emptiness, the long night hours, because they are a band that will lift, ‘I caught a glimpse of your eyes and fell through the skies’, their sum it up themselves via their cover. As does Daniela’s artwork, the eyes, the blues, such sadness is reflected, but amongst beauty.

You can download Insect Guide for free from EardrumsPop. I recommend you do and make sure you check out the booklet to find out more about Insect Guide, including a photo interview by A Negative Narrative (I like photo 3, a hate of mine too!), Daniela Hasse, the cover art designer and the cover song.

Posted: 18 March 2019