Tiny Fireflies Cover

Review : Tiny Fireflies

Tiny Fireflies are purveyors of fine melodic indie pop. On Holding Patterns, Kristine’s soft voice lulls you, as an organ rift etches it self into your tapping foot. The soft drums and keys complete the bedroom scene, awaking from a sweet dream, ‘you look and question’. Don’t question too hard, sometimes it is best just to accept, so accept this earworm.

Snow follows and it is a warm song for winter, picture it sound tracking an indie film, a turning point, a couple laughing, playing in the snow covered hills. Wash away the wind, the grey, the rain storms. This is a plot twist, to hook your heart.

The End of the World by Skeeter Davis is the song Tiny Fireflies have chosen to cover. I am transported to the end of a night, dancing under the stars with a loved one. ‘Why does the sun go on shinning, why does the sea wash a shore, don’t they know it is the end of the world, because you don’t love me anymore.’ A memory fades and you are stood alone as couples dance across the floor, an empty wine glass in hand. The End of the World softly conveys the pain of lost love.

Tiny Fireflies deserve a wide audience; their songs are crafted with love and skill and I for one will be looking further into their backgrounds. I think the cover art by Minkee matches their sound so well, it is beautiful.

You can download Tiny Fireflies for free from EardrumsPop. I recommend you do and make sure you check out the booklet to find out more about Tiny Fireflies, including a photo interview by A Negative Narrative (I like photo 2), Minkee, the cover art designer and the cover song.

Posted: 18 March 2019