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Review : Avi Buffalo, Avi Buffalo

A warm summer breeze from the first strummed guitar chords of Truth Sets In, the jaunty beat betrays the lyrical content, ‘witchcraft seems to unload and say that you don’t love me anymore’. What’s In It For? follows, the stand out track, with a chorus for the broken hearted, for the lost, for when summer skies darken. Five Little Sluts and Summer Cum typifies the sound Avi Buffalo have developed, strong melodies, rhythm and guitar lines that sketches dreamy summer indie pop scenes, under which lay lyrics that are darker and deeper, thick charcoal lines that cannot be removed. Scratch the surface and the sun disappears behind cloud.

On One Last and Remember Last Time there is hints to where their live performances lay. Live Avi appears consumed with the music, the emotions of the lyrics become transferred to his intense guitar playing, reminiscent of Spiritualized. On the album this intensity is offered in swift snapshots. I saw Avi Buffalo live at Lancaster Library and was amazed at how different the gig was to the album, expecting a laid back vibe, we were greeted to squealing guitars and expressive jams. I really enjoyed these interpretations, immersing myself in the emotion they offered.

This expressive nature is also present in the album artwork consisting of three paintings; I especially like Rebecca Coleman’s painting that graces the insert.

On the surface, Avi Buffalo’s eponymous debut is an album that soundtracks a summer relationship, on repeated listens it offers itself to you, wanting more than a summer fling. Avi Buffalo have written an album whose layers slowly reveal themselves on repeated listens, the listener is rewarded for their commitment.

Avi Buffalo is out now.

Posted: 18 March 2019

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