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Review : In Our Time of Flying ep, Four Dead in Ohio

I came across Four Dead in Ohio via the 7inch single, Jesus Won’t Dance In My High Heels, if the title wasn’t reason enough to buy it, then the music and lyrics were. It is a foot stomping, singing at the top of your voice song. It lifts spirits.

Four Dead in Ohio have recently released their In Our Time Of Flying ep. The ep signals a heavier Manchester sound, blending the souls of The Stone Roses and Primal Scream with the American soundscrapes of Black Mountain, The Black Angels, Jimi Hendrix and a touch of Neil Young. U.F.O (in my time of flying) kicks off the ep with a stomping rhythm that drives the song through guitar freak outs and repeated lyrics, ‘we chill out in rainbows … in my time of flying’. There is an element of the psychedelic to the freak outs, to the repeated lyrics and their meanings. U.F.O (in my time of flying) will become an anthem.

Hypnotic Psychotic follows and also begins with an excellent rhythm, full of looping bass and guitar rifts, sounding like the beginning of a dual between warriors. ‘We are all at time alone, so many miles from home, no one ever teach you’. A coming of age song, the snapshots of jamming expresses the realisation, the hope, that not all coming of age is angst ridden, that it is also a stepping out to endless possibilities.

Debbie’s Whiskey Bar is the most radio friendly song, though in my mind radio should be playing a lot more music which is actually real and meant. Debbie’s Whiskey Bar has the feel of a late night love song, it is Four Dead in Ohio’s slow number, if I can call it that. In Our Time Of Flying finishes with Peasant’s Prayer, a high priest freakout, controlled jamming hauls you into the song, before the lyrics infiltrate your mind, ‘all got lost in a peasant’s prayer’.

Four Dead in Ohio is that garage band I dreamt of being part of when I first picked up a guitar, losing myself in jams and singing my heart out as abstract lyrics. Four Dead in Ohio represents the letting go of the self. Play In Our Time Of Flying ear ringing loud, and feel inspired, feel movement, feel yourself letting go.

In Our Time Of Flying is out now and available from Four Dead in Ohio.

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Posted: 18 March 2019

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