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Into the Desert : What if, Alice, Repeat till Fade

I am very pleased to be involved with into the desert, the launch exhibition of eight cuts virtual gallery, which runs from October 1st to November 30th. I have three pieces included, What ifAlice and Repeat till Fade. In the spirit of the exhibition I’ll only point you in the direction of it, please look around to find my work and enjoy the other excellent work whilst you are at it.

Enter into the desert

There will also be a live show on November 18th, 6-8pm, at the O3 Gallery in Oxford. If you can make it I recommend it to you.

Alice became barriers and is part of the epilogue, after the rain, the smell of scorched earth, to the second edition of tearing at thoughts. Where you will also find Repeat till Fade in its three phases of construction.

Posted: 5 March 2019