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eight cuts : Decoding Static Review

Dan Holloway of eight cuts has recommend Decoding Static, saying
‘…But Andy Harrod’s blog Decoding Static was going a long time before all this became trendy and contains some truly mindblowing literature…’ continue reading.

‘eight cuts exists to champion extraordinary literature from people you may never have been given the chance to encounter, be it a single poem, a performance or a body of novels.’ I am pleased to have been championed by them.

eight cuts is a literature suite without boundaries, along with the traditional publishing of books and awarding of prizes, they hold live events and have a virtual gallery. The launch exhibition for the gallery is into the desert, which I am very happy to be involved in. It opens on the 1st October 2010. 

When you click through to Dan’s review of my old blog, a number of the links are now broken as the Decoding Static blog he refers to no longer exists. However you will find Patterns at Play and Love Letters to the Mind in tearing at thoughts. The praise received then seems as much as a surprise now, as well as meaning as much now as it did then. Which suggests to me it is time to stop telling myself the same stories, stories of failure, of not being enough, amongst so many other critical and snide voices, when I am enough, my expressions have meaning and I matter. That is the story I need to tell myself.

Posted: 3 March 2019.

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