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Review : An A-Z of Possible Worlds, A C Tillyer

Welcome to the second leg of A.C. Tillyer’s blog tour for her intelligent and thought provoking An A-Z of Possible Worlds.

Open the box and enter Orwellian worlds, outer space, expertly planned towns and a bog and explore the crowds and the societies that inhabit them. Drift off into your own thoughts and interpretations as you weave your way through the 26 booklets, which I am reading at random, though I began with A is for Archipelago, a simple short scene setter. The descriptions are detailed and rich and I was soon transported to the islands as I watched the building of the wall. A C Tillyer has managed that most difficult of things to allow her ideas to hang there in her stories for the reader to grasp and take from them what they will.

In E is for Excavation I enjoyed the historian’s small defiance’s to the state police, these moments breathed life into him, into his acknowledged mediocre existence. A choice made for survival. An air of danger fills the pages as we follow him, how far will he go in his quest for survival whilst the voice of the individual gnaws at him? In Z is for Zero Gravity Zone reality tv and the price of fame are stretched to their limits, yet it is still craved, still preferred to the perceived idea of a nobody. My favourite so far is Y is for Youth Hostel, a clever tale of individual and popular design. Whilst we enjoy the popular the unique is where we holiday.

A C Tillyer was inspired by her commute and what she saw, her imagination appears to have run wild at the sights and the people around her. There is also a depth to her writing, an insightful understanding of being individual yet being part of the crowd and the conflicts that bring. An A-Z of Possible Worlds leaves an indelible mark, much like a stamp from a club, what will you hear, who will you meet, where will you end up?

An A-Z of Possible Worlds now appears out of print.

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Posted 28 February 2019

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