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Review : Polly Scattergood Gig

Pennies in our pockets

Who is the weather girl with the pretty little pearl or two? The anger released as Polly Scattergood sings must be fun and healing. The openness of Polly’s lyrics is what drew me to her songs, the emotions she emits as she tells her stories moves us into her world and into our minds. The flashback of youth or the enjoyment of the present, if I can stop being a typical writer, as she sings “we had pennies in our pockets” (I hate the way), a line that sums up the innocence and expectations of youth delivered by a voice that has experienced a sadder truth. The band play delicately around her songs, her voice, her lyrics always centre stage, but the music moves the feet and drifts you in and out what could be fragile songs if they weren’t delivered with such open nakedness and the acceptance of that. We are emotional beings and Polly Scattergood’s songs capture that essence, how easy we can bruise, how we fall in and out of love and in the end we are still able to laugh.

Venue: Lancaster Library, Lancaster

Posted: 25 February 2019

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