I write not out of a desire to tell stories, but a need to understand what it is to be alive. Though the use of writing, art and photography I explore themes of love, loneliness, despair, hope and the individual. I believe creativity is at its most beautiful when it challenges; wanting my writing and art to make people pause, reflect and feel. I am interested in if and when do we awake to our life, to a sense this is it and to living in the moment. I am curious to why for so many of those moments we are not authentic, instead we live hidden behind masks and afraid to be who we are; ruled by external messages, expectations and demands on us, rather than guided by our sense of self and the present. My writing is fuelled by the hope that by engaging authentically with ourselves and others we stop fearing difference and embrace our own individualism and enjoy this collective individualism. The rest is up to each of us.

If you like to say hello you can contact me by email or at @decodingstatic.