A narrative

created. C r e a t e d  by curiosity, in reaction, through joy & sadness;  spontaneous, to share, in frustration & despair, in hope & e x p l o r a t i o n .

B reathe.   remember to

r unning through  ,  away  (from invisible grief)

o r a place to be, more likely FuNctiOn & withdraw. For society has forgotten how to switch off this treadmill

k indness,               forgotten to self

e mpty & embarrassed.   A bleached carcass left behind

n ever. Hope Abandoned.  hope   clings      on

. Never bigger than this dot.

Circling ugly behaviours rear.

repeating of maladaptive attempts to protect.

S h i f t i n g –

not forgotten – adapting – creating  a g a I n .