Living Room Stories

Living Room Stories Update

Living Room Stories was released as a handmade limited edition. Due to the popularity of the first edition, a second edition was released. There are…

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tearing at thoughts

tearing at thoughts Second Edition

The second edition of tearing at thoughts is now available. It’s been over three years since the limited edition sold out and an explanation for…

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Visible, Visible

We can’t escape our lives. During my invisible grief it can feel as if I am not living, that I am just stuck and my…

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running grief

Visible, Invisible

It was as if life continued around me, around us, but we were stuck in this no-children land, as if we had slipped into another…

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Invisible, Invisible

On awakening to now, we are not only present with the good experiences, the happy times, but also the sad, the experiences that break your…

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image for invisible - bruising


I first started Decoding Static when I was working on a novel, with the working title, Deception. Deception is still important to me and the…

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